Most viewed cricket league in the world (Indian premier league)

Most viewed cricket league in the world (Indian premier league)

Introduction of leagues and clubs in the cricket

Leagues and clubs are quiet common in football all the major football playing nations have there own leagues and clubs to which fans are very connected but in cricket the system was different cricket was only based on the country playing against each other

In the bilateral series or the trip series or continent cup, there is also a interesting fact about cricket that it has different formats like tests which is played across five days the Odis which is played in 50 overs for each team and the latest format which is t20 cricket which is played in only twenty overs for each team.

Dying Test Cricket

Now test cricket is the oldest format of the of this great game and also recognise as a real cricket because it is played across five days and there is real test of fitness determination and skillset also the condition vary from day to day so it makes this format more difficult and it is said in test cricket you have to play according to condition,

but now in today’s generation test cricket is not getting as much recognition as it used to get before because this generation wants a faster result in less time and this makes test cricket less viewed day by day it is making the popularity of this format getting reduced and the viewer ship getting less and less so a new format was introduced in the game named as Odis and at first it was played for sixty overs for each team but after some years it was reduced to fifty overs per team.

Rise in popularity of T20 Cricket

And soon this format gain popularity and test cricket started dying still to get a result in Odis people have to see the match for a whole day soon t20 was introduced it was started in England and it started to gain popularity in the world of cricket and icc bought a inaugural t20 world cup in 2007 and the final of this game was between India and Pakistan (what a game of cricket)

it was won by India which made t20 more popular in India and with seeing the popularity of this format the BCCI introduced a league cricket with name of IPL Indian premier league in 2008 at first BCCI didn’t knew whether it will be successful or not but when it started it was a instant hit people stared to like it and IPL was celebrated as festival in India.

In IPL you can buy players in the auction and team bought there players and soon players started to become heroes and legacy of these players like Ms Dhoni stared to become more and more for there respective teams soon IPL became the most popular and richest league in the world players wanted to play IPL from all around the globe which made it more and more valuable right now people wait whole year to see IPL and it was a revolution in cricket in India.

IPL as a festival in India

IPL gain popularity thanks to fans of Indian cricket it also encouraged youngsters to play more and more so that made the root of Indian cricket more strong today IPL has ten teams and it has become more tough CSK and MI have most number of trophies with five each.

IPL have become popular with adding a impact sub so IPL has evolved more with new rules the entertainment and rivalry of team are at its peak and this will grow day by day which will make Indian cricket go more far.

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